Potatoes to be Smashed and Crispy

These mashed potatoes are an absolutely delicious option for a snack or a side dish. The outside is crisp, the inside is creamy, and they are bursting with the taste of garlic, which is pungent and flavorful.

Fry potatoes with a crisp texture? Two, as well as three…For me, I’d want to have more like four, please!

These crispy smashed potatoes could well be my favorite potatoes to date, despite the fact that I am a major lover of potato wedges, roasted potatoes, and even French fries. In addition to having gloriously crispy skins, they also have comfortingly creamy centers with a taste that is a combination of garlic and Parmesan that I am quite sure no one could ever get enough of.

In addition to being convenient, they are ideal for a broad range of different events. They would be a fantastic snack for game day if you drizzled some chipotle sauce on top of them. If you sprinkle them with fresh herbs, they would be a Thanksgiving side dish that would appeal to a large number of people. The wonderful part is that you do not have to choose between them! It is possible that you may return to this recipe for mashed potatoes on several occasions once you have already tried it.

To prepare this recipe for mashed potatoes, you will need the following ingredients:

Without a doubt, potatoes! There is something about yellow potatoes that makes them very creamy and almost buttery in the center, which is why I enjoy using them for this dish. You will need to make sure that the potatoes are on the smaller side in order for them to crisp up in the oven. You should look for ones that have a diameter of no more than two inches minimum.
The potatoes are able to get a golden brown color and a crisp texture when they are baked in extra-virgin olive oil. Some of it will be drizzled over the potatoes, and the remainder will be brushed on the baking sheets. This will ensure that the potatoes get crispier on the inside.
For a taste that is both savory and umami, garlic powder and onion powder are used.
Also, salt and pepper, so that all of the flavors may shine through!

The whole recipe, along with the measurements, may be seen below.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Mash Potatoes

In my mind, this recipe for crushed potatoes can be broken down into three distinct stages: boiling, smashing, and baking. According to the following:

Begin by boiling. The potatoes should be placed in a big saucepan, and then one inch of cold water should be used to cover them. While the water is boiling, add one teaspoon of salt. Cook the potatoes for fifteen to twenty minutes, or until they are just beyond the point when they can be easily pierced with a fork.

The potato is being mashed on the baking sheet using the measuring cup.

Now, let’s smash. At the same time as you are boiling the potatoes, brush two big baking sheets with rims with olive oil. Yes, you read it correctly! It is my normal practice to use parchment paper, but I do not advocate that you use it in this situation. In order to get a particularly crisp exterior, it is beneficial to bake the potatoes directly on the sheet pan that has been greased.

Once the potatoes have reached the desired tenderness, drain them and layer them on the baking sheets that have been greased. Make use of the back of a measuring cup to gently push them down until they reach a thickness of about one quarter of an inch.

At long last, bake! Approximately 25 to 35 minutes, switching the pans halfway through the roasting process, the potatoes should be roasted until they are golden brown and crisp around the edges.

The end of it!

On a platter, there are potatoes that have been crushed and fried.

Offering Suggestions for Serving Smashed Potatoes

The ideal way to serve these mashed potatoes is when they are still beautiful and crisp from the oven, which is when they are served fresh off the baking sheet. Make sure to garnish them with any toppings you choose before you start eating them. One or more of my favorites are as follows:

Grated Parmesan cheese that has been freshly grated or vegan Parmesan Red pepper flakes
Fresh parsley, dill, or chives that have been chopped
For a satisfying crunch, flaky sea salt
Or an appetizing sauce. Chipotle sauce, vegan sour cream, creamy dill sauce, romesco sauce, avocado sauce, ranch dressing, and ranch dressing are all delicious condiments that are sure to please.

They may be consumed on their own as a snack or appetizer, or they can be served as a side dish with a more substantial dinner. They go very well with barbecue sandwiches, black bean burgers, or vegetarian burgers, and they are also an excellent choice for a side dish during the holiday season. Classic dishes like as green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and stuffing, as well as any of these fifty Thanksgiving side dishes, are perfect for serving with these sweet potatoes.

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